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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 29, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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lou: i assure you the feeling is absolutely mutual. tomorrow night, the state of the union. thanks for being with us. ken report president prepares for the big speech. fbi deputy director andrew mckaibs out at the agency. how could this change the mueller investigation. hillary clinton is dealing with a sexual harassment scandal from her days on the campaign trail. tomorrow night is the president's first state of the union address and it's expected to be the most of watched since january 2002. not just to see how the greatest sales man on seize his first year. but calling out crying chuck
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schumer, dickey durbin or the failing "new york times." he can high five himself on several economic fronts like the roaring stock market and in traditional presidential gusto, he will take credit for all of it. the inconvenient truth for democrats is they have yet a crack a counter narrative for economic success. people like money, especially when it's theirs. he wants to work with democrats. i suspect after the economy he will move on to statist opium, unfettered infrastructure spend and they will all be taking hits on the road to building bridges and hospitals. it's hard to resist a blank check that allows both parties to go back home with
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construction goodies. competition lowers costs and raises quality. an has to decentralize the plans as much as possible. that will be hard for hard-line commies like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. granting amnesty for dreamers while they approve the wall the to shut out future dreams. if he avoid any talk of the investigation and sticks with the simple script of economic success, he can make his first year seem like stuff of legend. if democrats have their way his first state of the union will be his last. and president pence will have far few democratic dreams to
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sell. i'm kennedy. the state of the union has been used by pts as a way to set the tone for the year. but president obama, love him or hate him, it's not been a normal presidency. in his first year in office he has tweeted every day to his followers. has the state of the union changed since the post-modern presidency of president trump. coming up, the ceo of the atlas society, jennifer grossman.
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she was a speech writer for george h.w. bush. let's talk about what goes into a night like this. obviously this presidency is very different. you have idea logically backed members who want to put their imprint on the speech. how does that happen? >> it usually starts out with a meeting and the president will say what he wants to talk about. then the speech writer get out a draft, and that's when the fireworks start. and people start to fight. historically it's a way to see who is up, who is done. it's where the policy battles got fought out. but in this year i don't think it matters. people aren't listening to what the president says in his speeches. what matters is what he's going
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to be tweeting about the next morning. kennedy: you made the point that the news cycle is so run kaitd. it's so short. you made the point that all he will get is essentially a pat on the back and we'll move on to the next dramatic wildfire. where in the past you are right. the state of the union set up the policy agenda for the year. so if the president isn't using it for that, how can he use it to his advantage? >> he should brag brag brag. he should talk about jobs and the stock market. he should take credit for what's been going on in the economy. that's the most of important thing he can do. some people say he should strike a more conciliatory tone and apologize. the best thing he can do is say, listen, this is what i have been doing in terms of the economy. not just the broad jobs numbers,
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but in particular for women and minorities and some of the areas where he has gotten the biggest criticism. >> everyone loves money always pointed out in the monologue. people love when they have to pay less in taxes. people getting $1,000 and $25 from the big corporations handing out those bonuses, it's hard to say those have just crumbs when a lot of people have been struggling for 10 years. >> the had administration made a bet. they fought for and pushed through the tax cuts. they say we'll get the economy moving. and we'll try to get this economy going and get people investing. so whatever he can do even to boost confidence to talk it up, part of that will be.
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>> oftentimes if you are making a policy push, it's equal parts 55 to the people in the room hole help carry out the agenda, and the american people who are voting in the mid-terms. you are saying there is a critical third component and that's the ceos and business leaders who are drawn to reef invest in a more favorable tax climate. >> he was talking at that point not just to the associated heads of state. but he was talking to foreign investors as well. his opportunity to be the salesman, to sell the economy, to sell his administration and his policy agenda. kennedy: in tomorrow night's speech, can the president convince democrats his economic
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plains work and has the potential to benefit all americans. and is there anything he can say to help dial back the partisan divide. the president said this will be a bipartisan speech. and there are a few areas. democrats want to take the economic message home and make it theirs. but there is a lot of bipartisan work to be done on infrastructure and immigration. where does the president have the most of success? >> he's coming off the foundation of economics in the system. i am not higher would tout the stock market as much as he does. kennedy: if the president is going to take credit for the stock market when it's booming web also has to take responsibility. >> which is why i wouldn't it's as the gauge they use. i would use wages, employment
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and consumer confidence. i think he has a foundation to build on. i'm surprised on the whole idea how he's using twitter. he comes off a davos speech and over the weekend we are talking about jay-z, going into his biggest speech of the year. kennedy: the reason that's a good thing is because it makes eminem mad. >> i think on infrastructure and immigration, it's bipartisan, those two things. if he can thread the needle and get things done in a bipartisan fashion, then that's great. certainly the idea of what he said about dreamers and with respect to border security, if there was a vote today on those two things that would be done. it's a given the dems will give on border security for the dreamers. kennedy: you have a sma overrepublicans and democrats who want to protect dreamers.
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it doesn't have to be amnesty and a wall. those are two extremes. >> i'm surprised that's we went out with. i think that the real debate will be on chain migration and visa lottery. but there is a deal to be done. kennedy: of course there is a deal to be done. there was the bipartisan gang of 8. >> now it's 30. i like private-public partnerships. but i like starting with private-public, not public-private. you have unions, the chamber of commerce and democrats and the white house. i'm not necessarily happy with how they are looking upon it. i think there are many different things on water treatment. you don't have to raise so much
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debt money, there are ways to do with it private money coming in. >> the president comes from a construction background. you start by not cow t cow to yo the unions. i think that being said, tomorrow's speech will be ending. you have the mccabe thing you have pen speaking about. the question will be, can he stay focused? kennedy: i think people will be surprised. can he give a foreign speak domestically? i think he can. does it make a lot of difference? probably not. at least one democrattish lawmaker is boycotting tomorrow night's speech. and it is none other than eccentric floridian
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congresswoman fred have i today wilson -- frederica wilson. she says it's for the president's hateful attitude towards blacks and african if countries. let me bring in in my freshly watered party panel. today's one lucky guy from "outnumbered," guy benson. comedian jimmy failla with a snatsy new blazer. welcome, everyone. it's great to talk to all of you. let's talk about the state of the union and what the president mass to do here on immigration specifically. >> immigration is a tough one because both sides seem to be digging in on this. we talked about it earlier on "outnumbered." i think what the president has put on the table for democrats
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is pretty reasonable. you can make arguments about chain migration being kept off to the side for another legislation. to a lot of share cans' ears they will say that doesn't sound so bad to us. poll after poll shows people support keeping the dreamers here and letting them stay. but also beefed up security and enforcement and linking the two and making it clear with a simple explanation. i think he can do himself a lot of good. kennedy: i think you are right. people think he's a hard line immigration person. john kelly says he has softened him. we'll see whose pen hand is heavier. i think the state of the union addresses are way too long. if one thing this president has done well is shake neese these
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foundational mores. i think he can give a 10-minute speech and mark it out of the park. >> if trump is paul mccartney in concert, the economy is the win. that is exactly what he has to do. run with his pro-job message. he does have a good opportunity to kind of push back against the characterization of him being i hate everybody. jobs and infrastructure. and believe me he cares about infrastructure. there is a lot of potholes between here and mcdonalds. kennedy: a lot of people in his base hate amnesty and the path to citizenship the guy was
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talking about. >> i think it's important that the president give a speech that's aimed at generating enthusiasm at his base. they are only going to be able to do that because they can reconstruct the coalition that elected trump in 2016. it won't be to give some speech to make moderates happy tore whiney establishment republican people happy. he is building a wall and his fair today first foreign policy. talk about infrastructure and about making america great again. if he wants to have everybody on cnn say it's been a year since trump became president. fine. i hope i get two minutes -- kennedy: i hope he comes completely unhinged, not because i think it will the do good for the country.
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but it would be so wildly entertaining. it would give us so much to talk about. >> you don't think we are getting a super bowl preview of the speech? >> one way to fire up the center right coalition is to talk about the tax cuts and the tax reform and how they are working. he should look into the camera and tell the american people, look at your pay stubs in february-march compared to where they were. they lied, it's work, look at the results. he knowledge challenge that directly. kennedy: he's going to be walking around with a mic. tomorrow night, don't miss fbn's live coverage of the state of the union address anchored by my friend neil cavuto. coming up, president trump denies a report he tried to fire robert mueller.
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>> i'm sure there will be an investigation around whether or not president trump did try to fire mr. mueller. we know he didn't fire in mueller. we know if he tried to, it would be the end of his presidency. kennedy: that report that the president tried to fire special counsel last june, and the president's attorney refused and threatened to resign if that happened. the president called the report fake news. but some republican lawmakers are pushing for congress to protect robert mueller. can the president fire him and what would happen if he did. if the president throws a and rum in his office and he's upset the special counsel has been appointed. and he says fire robert mueller, is that legally problematic? >> the president can fire anyone
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in the executive branch unless he's protected. most of of the employees are protected by civil service which would give him a hearing. can the president fire robert mueller? kennedy: with cause, right? >> no, for any reason. the calamity senator graham predicted would be a political calamity, not a legal one. the president has the right to fire him. history is our guide. president nixon didn't directly fire arc cox. and they kept refusing. so the way to do it would to be order to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to fire.
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then put somebody in there that would fire him. senator graham has a better feel on that than i do, but there is no legal consequence. the constitutional crisis would come about if a majority of the house were convinced that the firing was done to prevent mueller from revealing an unhappy or unlawful truth about the president. if they decided that was an impeachable offense, then it go to the senate for a trial. but the act of firing itself is protected. it's the president's prerogative. i don't necessity that that alone would qualify as an impeachable offense. it doesn't under the constitution rise to an impeachable offense. when nixon had archibald cox fired, his work caused nixon to
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resign. i think that director wray of the fbi when he made a secret visit to the house intelligence committee vault sunday afternoon to look at the four-pay memo saw something that implicated mccabe and decided it was time for him to go. he can't be fired because he's civil service protected. he can be removed from his position as number two in the fbi. but he's still fbi and still gets a salary. kennedy: he was placed on terminal leave which means he will take all the accrued vacation time. >> i think that's unlawful. as a private citizen he's no longer the subject of being called for congress.
8:25 pm
there is a lot congress wants from him. if he doesn't work for the fbi, they can't get him. kennedy: what about james comey? >> he went there voluntarily. they could subpoena him, but he could resist it for a long time. he can't resist it while he's an employee of the federal government. kennedy: can he resist a grand juriy subpoena from robert mueller? >> no. i think he would spec voluntarily to mueller. this is not going in a good direction. it's not going for a good direction for the president, the country or the constitution. i sincerely hope that i'm wrong. when these things happen they sometimes have a cumulative effect. kennedy: i was going to ask if there is a domino effect. >> i believe so but i hope not.
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whatever you think of the president, nobody wants to go through what we went through during the clinton era. kennedy: liberals get president pence. they don't get president hillary clinton. that reality is starting to dawn on them. thank you so much. coming up, a new report claiming hillary clinton kept a staffer after he was accused of sexually harassing a staffer. human ken doll in studio with me. stay right here. the things we do to get ahead. rising before dawn. sweating it out. tough to do it all. but we can always find time to listen to great thinkers and explorers whose stories take us places our hamstrings can't. all we have to do is listen.
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we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. kennedy: hillary clinton likes to fancy herself a friend of the #metoo movement. but "buzzfeed" news says she was anything but during the 2012 swing. the claim is she protected her spiritual advisor burns strider from being fired after a female staffer accused him of sexual
8:31 pm
harassment. a decision that went against the advice of her campaign manager and the director of operations. she tweeted back and fired back. i was dismayed when it occurred, but was heartened that young woman came forward and her concerns were taken seriously and addressed. kennedy: is hillary a friend or foe of the #metoo movement. the party panel is back. i think hillary's tweets are completely hypocritical. this is not a young yom and who bravely came forward. she was terrified and went to senior members of the campaign team. and this guy wasn't fired. they wanted him gone.
8:32 pm
but hillary was the one who insisted. >> she protected a sexual harasser, something she is used to doing in her life. that tweet is clumsy classic hillary clinton. she said i called the young woman. kennedy: she said i'd called her to tell her how proud i am of her. and make sure we all deserve to be heard unless you are paula jones or juanita broaddrick or katherine willy. >> this young woman bravely comes forward and says here is what's happening to me. this powerful man is acting inappropriately and hillary clinton personally intervenes to say we are protecting that powerful man and we are moving you out of your job. kennedy: not a surprise for people like hillary clinton who pay a lot of lip service to the
8:33 pm
movement. but it's very disingenuous. >> it's the same play book they used for monica lewinsky. but i'm amazed at her ability to pick spiritual advisors. her last one accused of plagiarizing a book it's the classic display of liberal i'm do as i say, not what i do. kennedy: chris? >> this is like playbook hillary clinton. her whole life is churning up anybody who gets in her way and pretending to be magnanimous about it. kennedy: we all deserve to be heard. >> she is perfect. the grammys trotted her out. it's so perfect for people to
8:34 pm
pretend they are care about women's issues. >> when she says i called this woman to talk about these things. i called her but she didn't answer. what are you going to do. kennedy: i want to thank you for make this monday one of the most of memorable in history. it's like a modern day gold rush. i'll but it's driving attorney general jeff sessions crazy. a company that raised $200 million to raise marijuana.
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kennedy: the marijuana industry is all about the green. and not just the color of the weed. $100 million in funding for pot ventures. they deal exclusively will the marijuana industry remains strong in the face of jeff sessions who is make a dying effort to police cannabis use in
8:39 pm
america. joining me is the ceo. so let's talk about this. you make a good point. that is, if we don't take advantage of this booming industry in this country, the cannabis industry is going to thrive in our neighbor to the north where we'll have to build a wall on our northern border tore keep us out of canada because it will become so prosperous. canada is legalizing recreational marijuana. >> canada's process of legalizing recreational cannabis sometime this summer. you are seeing the emergence of about half a dozen public-private companies.
8:40 pm
we currently have 30 countries around the world with legal medical cannabis. and those companies in canada are exporting product around the world. they are at the forefront of this industry. kn companies, kn i.p. is being built that will be difficult for u.s. companies to compete with. kennedy: the first question i have is about banging. in this country cannabis companies cannot bank with traditional banks because it's federally illegal. will those barriers come down in canada? will they have a legal banging infrastructure? >> yes, that already happened. one of our investments operates in canada for medical cannabis and will be investing. kennedy: we want that money here. >> the big banks in canada just
8:41 pm
financed a deal, the big six canadaian banks are financing this industry. kennedy: there are people in the financial industry trying to figure out how to bridge that gap. there is only one place legally to do medical testing on marijuana in the united states, and that's ole miss. but there is way more testing done in canada. >> our canadian subsidiary is conducting medical cannabis clinical studies in places such as australia, new zealand, in croatia, the czech republic. there is 30 countries around the world. all that knowledge and all that research is being conducted outside of the u.s.
8:42 pm
kennedy: those are research jobs. those are valuable jobs. there is so much money to be made, and jeff sessions won't get out of the way. if you want to change the debate on immigration, end the drug war. this is so ridiculous. >> all of these actions taken by jeff sessions in terms of the rescinding. kennedy: it makes the united states so incredibly dangerous when homicide rates in counties where they have legalized marijuana in those border states, those rates dropped dramatically, end prohibition. good luck with your venture. coming up. omarosa was accused of being you be hinged when she left the
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kennedy: gweneth paltrow held a wellness forum and charged $600 for participants to see her
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product. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin at grammy awards where they celebrated big winners like bruno mars and also a few losers. he had a long-time fear of being poisoned. one reason he liked to eat at mcdonald's, no one my was coming. kennedy: the people's pant suit red from "fire and fury." never mind that her campaign manager saw plenty of fire and fury on election tonight where she failed to break the glass ceiling but did manage to break a few wine glasses.
8:48 pm
poor robbie mook. it hear it took him six months to put them back together. grammy organizers were stunned that she would agree to be there. omarosa got kicked out of the trump administration. so she is joining big brother. i'm not talking about the cia creep who spied on president obama's political opponent. this will be or second stint on reality tv. but third if you count her time in the white house. she'll be competing against mark mcgrath.
8:49 pm
and cbs announced the new season is meant to go head-to-head with the winter olympics. we wish them luck. it won't be easy pitting a reality tv show against a sporting event in kim jong-un's backyard. topic number three. tiger woods made his return to the golf course this weekend. and unlike civilian life he did not get in trouble for his driving. this time around his putting was the culprit. a fan allegedly shouted get in the hole.
8:50 pm
first there was crouching tiger hidden dragon, now there is putting tiger hidden heckler. other fans called for him to be ejected. but officials let the guy stay. if you really want to punish someone, make them watch golf. witness were shocked the tiger showed so much restraint. but to be fair. he's been interrupted in far worse situations in his suv. topic number four. the nfl pro bowl has never been known for big hits. but that was before drew brees kids got involved. his son was being interviews when his younger son got flagged for intentionally grabbing his brother. we don't condone sibling violence. but it's nice to see someone kneeling for something besides
8:51 pm
"the national anthem." the kids calmed down after a nice old woman came to read them a fairytale. topic number five. finally some sad news in the furniture world. ikea's founder has gone off to the patch in the sky. he's responsible for one of the biggest furniture empires in the modern history. and he's responsible for millions of fiepts between couples. he lasted 91 years, by is longer than most of ikea deaths. funeral preparations are under way. they will be finished add they find an allen piece to build his
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8:56 pm
world get plastic surgery every day. but how many surgeries are too many. my next guest has undergone 60 cosmetic procedures to transform himself into someone completely different. and now says he's done. the so-called human ken doll, rodrigo alves. >> you are gorgeous. so far, if i have more plastic surgery it would only be if i need it for medical reasons. kennedy: i know a lot of people who have multiple plastic surgeries are off shall diagnosed with body dysmorphic
8:57 pm
disorder. >> i have had a lot of plastic surgery. but i have been through a lot of psychological assessment. kennedy: did anybody try to talk you out of them? >> i always do my research about what i would like to get done. so far i have the most of perfect six pack. i don't have to work out. i wake up in the morning. i go to bed, the six pack is still there. no matter war i eat. i like pretty much everything i have done. ed the only thing that i am not 100% happy with is my nose. i have had 10 snows jobs. i had complications. and the only reason that i have
8:58 pm
had so many mrs. take surgeries is they went wrong. so i had to go back to fix them. kennedy: do you wish i never started? >> i knew plastic surgery would fix it. kennedy: how do you pay for it? >> my first plastic surgery was at the age of 17. but i was far too young. i was very chubby. then i would say to myself, i became' -- my name is rodrigo alves. the nickname is the human ken doll.
8:59 pm
i think that's a compliment. kennedy: you are like a human super hero. >> i would regard myself as a super hero. to be through so much like i did, you have to be tough and strong. kennedy: do you feel pretty? >> of course, i'm gorgeous. and i should say to the viewers, before having plastic surgery, speak to your family, speak to your friends. do your research. visit three different doctors who who have different opinions. kennedy: thank you for coming by. i hope we see you again. thank you for watching, you can follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation. email tomorrow night, neil cavuto and
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his fbn live coverage of the state of the union. i will be back on wednesday. >> oh, my. it really moves. >> well, it's pretty quick. >> what is it about the corvette that has captured america? >> you have lamborghinis, and you got ferraris, but the american sports car has always been the corvette. >> it's the dream that keeps a soldier going... >> do you think that helped him get through very difficult times at war? >> absolutely. >> ...the decision that vexes his heir... >> it was the most difficult thing i've ever done in my life. >> ...the ultimate for vette collectors... >> it was an urban legend that there was this impeccably original, pristinely kept 1967 corvette. >> we got three, four... >> ...and a mystery on wheels. >> something is fishy


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